SnailyCAD Manager


Release | v1.0.4

What's Changed?


  • 🔨 Shift Key variable not set to false by default.
  • 🔨 #6 Some .env inputs displayed undefined by default. Changed undefined to empty string. Fix by @Dev-CasperTheGhost
  • 🔨 App Restart Method (Added hard-reload)
  • 🔨 Output Log open function updated to fit with new Settings Window style
  • 🔨 Removed Interval for Version Checks (Results in exceeded GitHub API Rate Limit)


  • 🎉 New Settings Window (Changed to modal-style window)
  • 🎉 New Update Notes Style (Changed to modal-style window)
  • 🎉 New Update Notes Display Method (Uses markdown converted to HTML)
  • 🎉 Added Output Log File (File format will follow MM-DD-YYYY.log)
  • 🎉 Added handling for uncaught CAD update errors
  • 🎉 Closing SnailyCAD Manager will dock it in your taskbar instead of actually closing the app.
  • 🎉 Added ability to reset node_modules in SnailyCAD
Last modified 7mo ago