SnailyCAD Manager


Here's what to expect from SnailyCAD Manager in the future!

The Ultimate Version of SnailyCAD Manager 🚀 (The Roadmap)

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools just to manage your CAD/MDT solution, SnailyCAD? Say goodbye to that headache and hello to the new and improved version of SnailyCAD Manager! 🎉
We've packed all the latest tech, like NextJS, into this bad boy to make sure it's faster, more reliable, and user-friendly than ever before. Plus, it's packed with all the features you need to manage SnailyCAD like a cowboy wrangling cattle.
  • We're making setup a breeze by consolidating all the code and resources into one easy-to-manage repository and adding an external installer to handle all the installation and configuration. 📁
  • We're giving you more control than ever before with a simple and powerful CLI that lets you change settings, start and stop the Manager, and more. 🛠️
  • And the best part? We're working on improving the overall code quality to make it more maintainable and easier to track down bugs. No more pulling hair out trying to fix that one pesky bug. 😩
And that's not all, folks! We're also making sure that SnailyCAD Manager will be accessible from anywhere, by default. So, you can manage your CAD/MDT solution like a boss, from the comfort of your own ranch. 🌎
But don't worry, the current version of SnailyCAD Manager is still being maintained, and will continue to receive updates. So you can keep on rocking the Manager you already know. 🤘
Don't have the latest version of SnailyCAD Manager yet? Don't worry, you can download it from for now, but trust us, you'll want to upgrade when the new version is released. It's like going from a horse and buggy to a pickup truck. 🚚
But remember, good things come to those who wait. And let's be real, nobody likes waiting for their food at a restaurant. So, we promise, it'll be worth the wait for the new version of SnailyCAD Manager. It's like a plate of piping hot nachos, you know it's going to be good but you just have to wait a little bit longer. 🌮
Last modified 4mo ago