New SnailyCAD Installation

Begin the process of a new SnailyCAD Installation with SnailyCAD Manager!

Setup Wizard

SnailyCAD Manager provides a wizard that will walk you through the easy steps to create a new SnailyCAD Installation, and get up and running in minutes!
Begin by selecting New CAD Installation for your SnailyCAD Manager Setup Type, then click Next
Choose the directory you wish SnailyCAD to be installed to, then click Next
Verify that the directory you chose is correct (this is the final chance to restart the wizard before installation!), then click Start Setup
Wait for the setup to run.
Once the setup has completed, the app will restart and prompt you to configure your "ENV". The purpose of ENV is to store variables that your SnailyCAD Installation will use to run the CAD. You can follow the ENV Guide for more information on what's used for what.
Once you have completed the ENV Configuration, you can click Save File

And that's it!

Your SnailyCAD Installation is ready to go! You can test your configuration by clicking Start SnailyCAD


If you need support for SnailyCAD Manager, you are encouraged to join the SnailyCAD Discord Community