Use Existing SnailyCAD Installation

Get started with SnailyCAD Manager by using your existing installation of SnailyCAD!


Your existing installation of SnailyCAD must be a standalone or autoinstaller installation!

Setup Wizard

SnailyCAD Manager provides a wizard that will walk you through the easy steps to create a new SnailyCAD Installation, and get up and running in minutes!
Begin by selecting Existing CAD Installation for your SnailyCAD Manager Setup Type, then click Next
Select the directory that your SnailyCAD Installation is stored. (NOTE: This folder MUST contain the `package.json` file that was installed with SnailyCAD)
Now, verify that the directory you selected is correct, and click Start Setup

That's it!

Most likely, the setup wizard instantly restarted the app, and opened the home screen of SnailyCAD Manager. From here, you're able to manage your SnailyCAD Installation and use SnailyCAD Manager to it's full potential!


If you need support for SnailyCAD Manager, you are encouraged to join the SnailyCAD Discord Community